The working principle of breakfast porridge sterilization line

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Jun 01,2021

Breakfast porridge sterilization line composition:

The sterilization line of breakfast porridge is composed of a pot body, a pot cover, an opening device, a locking wedge, a safety interlocking device, a track, a sterilization basket, a steam nozzle and a plurality of nozzles. The lid is sealed with inflatable silicone rubber temperature resistant sealing ring, which has reliable sealing and long service life. It has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time of liquid materials and easy control of heating temperature.

Breakfast porridge sterilization line working principle

As the temperature of the tank increases through heating, the pressure inside the tank will exceed the pressure outside the tank (inside the tank). Therefore, in order to avoid the pressure in the glass jar during the sterilization process of breakfast porridge, it is necessary to apply back pressure to both ends of the tinplate jar, especially for canned meat that requires a higher sterilization temperature.

Breakfast porridge sterilization line uses back pressure sterilization equipment, that is, compressed air is passed into the pot to increase the pressure to prevent the can from protruding and jumping. The operating conditions are as follows: Because the compressed air is a poor heat conductor, the steam itself has a certain pressure. Therefore, in the process of heating up in the sterilization process, the compressed air is not put, and only after the sterilization temperature is maintained, the compressed air is passed into the pot, so that the atmospheric pressure in the pot is increased by 0.5 to 0.8. After sterilization, when cooling, stop the steam supply and put the cooling water into the spray pipe. As the temperature in the pot drops and the steam condenses, the internal force of the pot is reduced by the pressure of the compressed air.

The breakfast porridge sterilization line can also be deflated every 15-20 minutes to promote heat transfer. In short, sterilization conditions need to be met in accordance with certain procedures. The sterilization process of canned products specifies the sterilization temperature, sterilization pressure, sterilization time and operation method.




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