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Mar 08,2021

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Company name: Zhucheng Jintai Food Machinery Co., LTD

Company Profile:

Zhucheng Jintai Food Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is a domestic food cooking and sterilization solution supplier, specializing in the production of sterilization pot (sterilization kettle, sterilization kettle), sandwich pot, steam engine, cleaning and drying production line and other food industry equipment. The company covers an area of 38,000 square meters, with management, research and development, engineering and technical personnel 50. China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued D1, D2 special equipment manufacturing license (pressure vessel), in 2013 Germany TUV certification company issued CE certificate, in 2017 certification agency TUV-SUD issued DOSH (ASME) certificate.

The company's main products: a full range of secondary sterilization products, including sterilization pot, gas wok, steam engine, meat processing production line, cleaning and drying production line. It is committed to providing sterilization solutions for meat products, vegetarian products, poultry eggs, porridge and rice industries. The company has established a perfect after-sales service system in more than 20 provinces and cities to solve the problems and difficulties encountered in production for enterprises.

The company's products are exported to India, Malaysia, Egypt, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, the United States and other dozens of countries, in many Southeast Asian countries to establish after-sales service system, in recent years successfully entered the European Union market. The customer is our powerful witness.

Ten years to cast Jintai brilliant, choose Jintai, create the future!

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Popular products: two plus one computer automatic water bath type sterilization pot

[Name] Introduction

1. The extension and development of the double-layer water bath sterilizer pot, its unique design makes up for the limitations and shortcomings of the double-pot parallel sterilizer pot, and can be used separately or simultaneously at any time for sterilization

2. Add a hot water tank on the basis of the double pot parallel sterilization pot, and the hot water tank is placed above the double pot parallel sterilization pot;

3. The hot water after sterilization can be recycled into the hot water tank, which maximizes energy saving and high efficiency and reduces production costs;

4. Prior to preheat the water to the required temperature sterilization, sterilization time, improve work efficiency;

5. Two germicidal POTS work with a pot of hot water at the same time, which doubles the capacity of double germicidal POTS.




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Sandwich pot manufacturers products are divided into germicidal pot/sterilizer series, sandwich pot series, cooking pot series, stirring wok series.

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