Requirements for inspection of sterilizing lines for halogenated eggs

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Apr 09,2021

Basic inspection of sterilization line of halogenated eggs

(1) The sterilization line of halogenated eggs is a pressure vessel, and the equipment manufacturer needs to provide information such as "pressure vessel certificate, as-built drawing, product certificate and instruction manual". Users can use such information to carry out relevant archival work according to the requirements of the local special equipment inspection department.

(2) Align the sterilizing pot body, correct the reasonable levelness, so that the water is discharged from the pot body. You can't fall if you don't run.

(3) The thermometer installation index value of the halogenated egg sterilization line is 0.5 ° C, and the column length is 1 ° C ≥ 2.7 mm. Insert the temperature sensing head into the pot 50mm, at least flush with the pot body, do not shrink in the socket of the temperature sensing chamber. When inserting the temperature chamber, the diameter of the opening connecting the chamber and the pot body should be at least 20 mm.


(4) The automatic temperature recording paper is less than 1℃ per cell, and the length of each cell is ≥2mm in the range of 100~130℃.

(5) Pressure gauge, scale 0.01 mpa, range 0.4 mpa below, dial diameter of 100 mm or more

(6) Halogenated egg sterilization line soft packaging sterilization tray inspection: the edge height of the tray is more than 2 cm higher than the thick packaging bag of the enterprise, and the opening area is more than 30%.

(7) When saturated steam sterilization, the "three tables" should be consistent. Otherwise, it will affect the correctness of record review in the future.

(8) Check whether the type of valve such as suction valve, exhaust valve and exhaust valve is correct.

Check the uniformity of heat distribution in sterilization line of boiled eggs

Heat distribution refers to the simultaneous temperature distribution at different positions during the sterilization process in the sterilization line of halogenated eggs. The significance of the test is that the thermal sterilization equipment verifies the temperature uniformity of each position during the sterilization constant temperature process to ensure that the sterilization line of halogenated eggs meets the requirements of the hot sterilization of canned food.

After the sterilization line is installed, it is necessary to pass the heat distribution test of full load heat sterilization, and it is necessary to confirm the heat distribution of the sterilization pot through the test to meet the sterilization temperature requirements specified in the sterilization process regulations. The judging standard is whether the temperature difference at different positions in the sterilization pot at the same time is within the specified temperature range.




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