The operation process of food sterilization pot

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May 20,2021

(1) When the hot water is prepared for the first time, the water is supplied by the cold pump. After that, when the water level of the sterilization pot water tank reaches a certain position, the level controller automatically opens the heating valve Vi of the water tank, and 0.5MPa steam enters the water tank directly. Heat the water to a predetermined temperature and then stop the heat. Once the temperature of the storage tank drops below the predetermined temperature, steam is automatically supplied to maintain the predetermined temperature.

(2) Pour the water into the cooking pot. When placing the sterilizing basket into the sterilizing pot, the door cover is completely closed, and compressed air is allowed to be sent into the sterilizing pot after passing through the sealed cavity of the door cover. For security reasons, manual buttons can be used to switch from the process. The sterilizing pot enters the automatic program operation state, the connection valve V automatically opens immediately, and the superhot water of the storage tank is quickly sent out from the bottom of the sterilizing pot due to the pressure drop and pressure difference. When the water level in the sterilizer reaches the position of the level controller, the connection valve is immediately closed.

(3) The temperature of the cooking pot rises. The superheated water sent into the sterilization pot is exchanged with the pot for heat, and the water temperature drops. The heating steam is sent to the mixer to heat the circulating water and then to the sterilizing pot. The heating process ends when the temperature rises to the predetermined sterilization temperature.


(4) The sterilization tank of the edible fungus sterilization pot is maintained at the specified sterilization temperature for a certain time. The small heating valve Vis automatically supplies steam to the sterilizer as needed to maintain the predetermined sterilizing temperature. The disinfection time required for this process is determined by the disinfection clock.

(5) After the sterilization process is completed, the cold water pump automatically starts, and the cold water enters the water circulation system of the sterilization pot through the displacement valve V10, and pushes the hot water (mixed water) into the water storage tank until the water is stored. When the level in the pot reaches a certain position, the level controller issues an instruction to close the connection valve and divert the cooling process. At this time, the heating valve of the storage tank automatically opens, the steam passes through, and the superhot water is prepared again.

(6) The cooling process of the cooking pot has three operating methods according to the different requirements of the product: after hot water recovery, directly into the decompression cooling; After the hot water is recovered, the back pressure becomes cold and the pressure is reduced. After the hot water is recovered, pressure cooling and atmospheric cooling are reduced. Each cooling method can be obtained by adjusting the cooling timer.

(7) After the drain cooling time of the cooking pot, the drain valve V8 and the relief valve V4 are opened.

(8) Start the cooking pot. Pull out the sterilizing basket and the process is over.




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