From the perspective of control mode, which kinds of sterilization equipment are divided into?

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Apr 09,2021

There are four control modes in the sterilizing equipment for sea duck eggs

1. Manual control type: All valves and pumps are manually controlled, including adding water, heating, heat preservation and cooling.

2. Electrical semi-automatic control type: the pressure is controlled by the electric contact pressure gauge, the temperature is controlled by the sensor (pt100) and the imported temperature controller (accuracy is 1℃), and the cooling process is manually operated.

3. Computer semi-automatic control type: The use of PLC and text display to process the collected pressure sensor signal and temperature signal, can store the sterilization process, high control accuracy, temperature control up to 0.3℃.

4. Computer automatic control: The whole process is controlled by PLC and touch screen, and the sterilization process can be stored. Operators only need to press the start button, automatic alarm after sterilization, temperature control accuracy up to 0.1℃.


Sea duck egg sterilization equipment Product features:

1. Replace the boiler with an electric steam generator, which is suitable for food and drug manufacturers with environmental protection requirements and small output, especially for product research and development.

2. The sterilization temperature, sterilization pressure, sterilization time and steam generator of the sterilization equipment are automatically controlled by the control cabinet, and other processes are manually controlled.

3. The sterilization equipment for sea duck eggs has three safety interlocking devices.

4. Electric heating power can be selected according to different power grid capacity of users.

5. Choose a steam sterilizer or a hot water cycle sterilizer.

In the sterilization process, pay attention to the initial exhaust, and then release the steam to make the steam cycle. It can also be deflated every 15-20 minutes to promote heat exchange changes. In short, we need to meet the requirements of the sterilization conditions of the sea duck egg sterilization equipment, in accordance with certain procedures, such as sterilization temperature, sterilization pressure and sterilization time, the sterilization process of the product specifies the short time and the operation method.



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