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Jun 08,2021

The sterilization kettle adopts the principle of high temperature and high pressure hot water to rapidly sterilize various foods at high temperature. The food rotates continuously and slowly in the device, making the heat conduction faster and more uniform, shortening the sterilization time, thus achieving the high temperature and short-term sterilization effect and stabilizing the product quality. The sterilization kettle is widely used in the food, beverage and canned food industries. The autoclave is a kind of sterilization boiler, with louvred pressure vessel safety interlocking device, independent electrical instrument control system, automatic constant temperature, insulation and timing. The sterilizer is made of stainless steel, which has the characteristics of beauty, health, safety and durability.

1. First take out the sterilization bucket in the sterilizer, and then add the right amount of water in the outer pot to make the water level with the tripod.

2. Put back in the sterilizing bucket and put in the sterilized items. Be careful not to pack too tightly, so as not to hinder the steam cycle and affect the sterilization effect of the sterilizer. Do not contact the wall of the barrel and the test tube at the tip of the triangular bottle, so as to avoid condensation water wetting the paper at the edge of the mouth and penetrating into the cotton strip.


3. Cover and insert the covered exhaust hose into the exhaust tank of the inner sterilization bucket. Then symmetrically tighten the two opposite bolts at the same time, so that the tightness of the bolts is consistent, and the sterilization kettle is not allowed to leak.

4. The sterilizer is heated by electric furnace or gas, and the exhaust valve is opened at the same time to boil the water and remove the cold air in the pot. After the cold air is completely discharged, close the exhaust valve, so that the temperature in the pot gradually rises with the increase of steam pressure. When the pressure in the pot rises to the required pressure, control the heat source of the sterilizer and maintain the pressure for the required time.

5. Sterilization kettle is 105kg/cm2, 1213 and 20 minutes. 5 When the sterilization time is up, cut off the power or turn off the gas, and let the temperature in the sterilizer drop naturally. When the pressure of the gauge drops to 0, open the exhaust valve, unscrew the bolt, open the cover, and take out the sterilized items. If the pressure does not drop to 0, open the exhaust valve, the pressure in the pot will suddenly drop, so that the medium in the sterilizer due to the imbalance of internal and external pressure, out of the mouth of the bottle or test tube, causing the cotton plug to be polluted by the medium.

6. Put the sterile medium taken out in the 37 degree incubator for 24 hours. If there is no growth of bacteria, it is ready to use.




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