High temperature sterilizer operation precautions

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Mar 05,2021

High temperature sterilization pot has the advantages of good energy saving effect, high production efficiency, automatic control of temperature display, wide adjustment range, high control precision, corrosion resistance, noise reduction and easy cleaning. It is widely used in food, juice, pharmaceutical, chemical, beverage and other industries as heating, cooling, insulation, sterilization, liquid handling or storage equipment.

High temperature sterilization pot has many advantages, it needs to be strictly operated in accordance with the operation process, and safe operation is required during the operation. To ensure safety, at least the following points should be noted:

(1) The operating process indicators and higher working pressure and temperature should be carefully adjusted.

(2) Pay attention to methods and steps during operation.

(3) Inspect items and locations during production and operation, and take preventive measures to prevent abnormal phenomena that may occur during operation.

(4) It is strictly prohibited to operate above the design pressure and temperature.

(5) The operator of the high temperature sterilizer should be trained and assessed, and strictly abide by the safe operation procedures and the post responsibility system.


High temperature sterilizer maintenance precautions:

1. If the inlet pipe and outlet pipe joints of the high temperature sterilization pot leak steam, if the nut is not solved, the packing should be increased or replaced.

2 For intake, slowly open the intake valve until pressure is needed. The condensate outlet shut-off valve (if equipped with a trap) should always be open; If there is no trap, open the valve until the steam escapes, then close the valve again and keep it open until a small amount of steam escapes.

3. The high temperature sterilizer safety valve can be adjusted according to the user's steam pressure.

4. When using the steam boiler, pay attention to the change of steam pressure at any time, and adjust it in time through the intake valve.

5. After the air intake of the high temperature sterilization pot is stopped, open the straight cock at the bottom of the pot and discharge the remaining water.




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