The development of autoclave production enterprises

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Apr 28,2021

The future development direction of the enterprise is to absorb and exceed the international advanced level. First of all, we need to continuously improve production efficiency. This can reduce product costs and meet delivery dates. The reactor equipment is connected to the previous process, so the entire line starts and stops in reverse order according to the work schedule of the production and reactor. Secondly, the product is constantly updated and changed. The autoclave needs to have high flexibility and flexibility, and the production line allows the size of the autoclave to be changed within a certain size range. Common faults of the equipment can be quickly eliminated. The solution will be pre-fed to the computer and can diagnose the device itself in the event of common failures, or perform remote diagnosis and elimination. Autoclave needs to have automatic identification function. The sterilizing kettle can not only realize the automatic identification of the thickness, hardness, resilience, etc., of the sterilizing kettle material, but also adjust the range of motion through the computer feedback to the manipulator to ensure that there is no rebound.



With the rapid development of China's food industry, food safety has received more and more attention, and higher requirements have been put forward for sterilization equipment. Compared with the food industry, the cooking equipment industry is a new industry. In recent years, the world's technology has developed rapidly, and new technologies continue to appear. However, the foundation of the domestic sterilizer industry is weak, the scientific research capacity is insufficient, and the development is lagging behind. This has left a huge space for development of the sterilizer market. In order to narrow the gap with the world's advanced level, make the food industry catch up with the world's advanced level, and develop to a powerful sterilizer country, the task of sterilizer enterprises is arduous.

The sterilization kettle is one of the procedures directly related to people's life safety, so whether it can be effective, disinfection and no pollution is a problem of concern.

The technology and equipment of the sterilizer are still very strict, so the sterilizer equipment needs more extensive research. It is believed that more effective technology will appear in the near future in the sterilization tank equipment.

Health is people's concern now! In the food manufacturing industry, cooking has become one of the important procedures, its position in the food industry can be said to be very important!

The sterilizer is composed of a pot body, a pot cover, an opening device, a locking wedge, a safety interlocking device, a guide rail, a sterilizing basket, a steam nozzle and a plurality of nozzles. The steam with a certain pressure as a heat source has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time of liquid materials, and easy control of heating temperature. As one of the disinfection equipment, the sterilization kettle plays a decisive role in the food industry. The sterilizer mainly sterilizes food, canned food, protein drinks that need high temperature sterilization.




Sandwich pot manufacturers products are divided into germicidal pot/sterilizer series, sandwich pot series, cooking pot series, stirring wok series.

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