What are the operation steps of meat sterilization equipment?

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Jul 23,2021

Meat sterilization equipment: meat products are indispensable materials on people's tables, from the choice of raw meat to people's tables, any part of the middle is not disinfected, will affect the quality of meat and even human health. Therefore, meat processing plants should do a good job of disinfection and sterilization in the supply process. Why is there a pungent smell near the meat processing plant? This is because the disinfection of the factory was not done properly. It is important to know that the disinfection work of the meat processing plant is not only the workshop work team, but also the air environment disinfection is a very important part.

What are the operation steps of meat sterilization equipment?

The processing process of raw materials in meat processing plants generally includes the following parts: raw meat - thawing and segmentation - pickling - filling - heat treatment - sterilization and cooling - label storage. Chlorine dioxide disinfectant plays a very important role in the above part of the inactivation work.

First, meat sterilization equipment: disinfection of meat production process

1. When selecting raw meat, fresh meat should be soaked and disinfected with water to remove external pathogens and internal blood.

2. Meat sterilization equipment is mainly divided into frozen meat, generally divided into dry, wet, microwave haidong, steam haidong and so on. It is generally thawed naturally in the 12-15 environment, but the blood loss is large, the time is long, and the speed is slow. Wet sea means thawing with running water. The thawing speed is fast, but the nutrition is easy to lose, so it is less used. Microwave thawing and steam thawing have high environmental requirements, require further disinfection, are easy to reproduce early bacteria, and are difficult to deal with once they reproduce, so they are generally rarely used.

3. Meat sterilization equipment curing link. Curing is generally divided into oil painting, roll and injection three methods. Among them, the Rolle method is more commonly used, please remember that the mother liquor concentration of chlorine dioxide disinfectant used in the ring is about 20/L, the temperature is about 7, about 4 days, the curing time should be turned over three times, and the appropriate amount of protective agent can not be exceeded!

4. The charging process also requires chlorine dioxide disinfectant.

5, meat sterilization equipment hot processing link. Divided into boiling water, smoking, hot compress, all belong to cooking disinfection, but hot processing will not kill all pathogens, so it can not be omitted to use disinfectant to eliminate.

6. Meat sterilization equipment sterilization cooling is divided into aseptic packaging (vacuum extraction), secondary sterilization products (bulk), the packaging bags of these products need to be disinfected before they can be used.

Second, meat sterilization equipment: meat processing plant tools disinfection

When chlorine dioxide disinfectant is used for disinfection, the concentration is generally 50-100/L, and the disinfection method used is to wipe or spray. Spraying the surface wet avoids waste.

Third, meat sterilization equipment: operator disinfection

Workers entering the workshop generally need to clean and disinfect their hands and feet, disinfect them with chlorine dioxide disinfectant, and immerse their hands or gloves for 5-6 seconds when the operator uses a disinfectant concentration of 100 km /L during the hand-washing process. The disinfectant concentration in Changhua Pool or Waal Pool is usually 100/L, and it can be soaked for 10 seconds.

Four, meat sterilization equipment workshop air environment disinfection

Meat sterilization equipment workshop ingredients and countertops not only need to be disinfected, but also need to be disinfected in the air environment. As mentioned above, the raw materials of the meat processing plant are piled up for a long time, the cleaning is not timely, it is easy to smell, it is easy to attract Paris, and the hygiene problem is worrying. The concentration of chlorine dioxide disinfectant required to capture the workshop is generally 100-150/L.

Environmental disinfection of meat sterilization equipment can generally be divided into two types, one is spray disinfection, the concentration is 100/L, should be sprayed with atomizing equipment, attached to harmful particles in the air. The other is fumigation, the concentration is 2000/L, the concentration is high, the use of light ball containers in different positions of the workshop, can volatilize by itself.

In summary, the use of chlorine dioxide disinfectant in meat processing workshops for killing work is generally good at four aspects: processing process part disinfection, meat processing workshop air area disinfection, worker disinfection, workshop air environment disinfection. Do a good job in these four aspects of disinfection, generally can meet the national disinfection standards, meat sterilization equipment work in place.




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