Electric heating tilting sandwich pot with cover

Electric heating tilting sandwich pot with cover
  • Electric heating tilting sandwich pot with cover

Electric heating tilting sandwich pot with cover


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Sandwich pot structure is divided into vertical, vertical mixing, tilting and tilting mixing
From the heating form is divided into: steam type, gas type, gas heat conduction oil and electric heating heat conduction oil
Features: This product uses thermal oil as heat source, has a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, water full pot up to 100℃, heating time is about 30 minutes. This pan with PT100, can achieve temperature control, with distribution box. Advantages of uniform heating and easy control of heating temperature.
This series of equipment is mainly composed of pot body, tilting frame body, vertical leg, stirring system, electric heating system, transmission device, stirring shaft, pot body flipping system, temperature measuring device, oil level observation hole, refueling port, etc.
For each operation, the capacity of the heat transfer oil should be checked, and the heat transfer oil should be above the temperature measurement PT100 and below the oil level observation hole after filling. To avoid dry burning and damage to equipment.
This device can only be used in a non-pressure environment, and is absolutely not allowed to be used under pressure.
Please use the heat transfer oil produced by a regular company. The recommended heat transfer oil model is L-QC320.
The electric heating oil sandwich pot series is composed of vertical sandwich pot, vertical mixing sandwich pot, tilting sandwich pot and tilting mixing sandwich pot.
Heating tube: wire connection
The heating tube material is SUS304, and the single power is 8KW and 9KW
50L-200L sandwich boiler electric heat pipe power is 16KW
300L-400L sandwich boiler electric heat pipe power is 24KW
The power of 500L-600L sandwich boiler electric heat pipe is 36KW
The above is a regular product, can be customized according to user needs!
In the case of three shifts, the electric tube is replaced every three months. Otherwise, the heating effect of the material will be affected.

Model number kg Model number kg
100L 30 400L 70
200L 38 500L 70
300L 58 600L 83


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Sandwich pot manufacturers products are divided into germicidal pot/sterilizer series, sandwich pot series, cooking pot series, stirring wok series.

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