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Pot test

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product description
This machine is a laboratory or food manufacturers to develop new products, develop new products for sterilization formula, can also be used for micro-factory production, the maximum to simulate the actual production environment sterilization for mass production testing F0 value, production of products sterilization formula, reducing losses in the experiment finished, and the bulk of the increase in production yield.
main feature
Material: Stainless steel 304
Diameter: 900mm
Capacity: 1-2 basket / pot
Maintenance: maintenance rate is very low.
Any product, any packaging.
Mechanical Configuration:
Electricity / steam heating
Shower system
Preheat function
Electrical configuration:
F0 value probe
There are paper / paperless recorder
Ethernet connection
Food basket / dish: Food basket / dish is based on customer products and different packaging and special custom, our 10 years of experience accumulated can give your most appropriate solution.

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