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Main works
Parameters of the entire process is working through man-machine interface (touch screen) to set (only the first set) automatically runs.
Baskets filled with products loaded sterilization pot, pot Close the door and safety interlocks.
Water injection process until it reaches a predetermined position, can not soak into the product (only the first cycle).
Process water by circulating a large flow of heat required to ensure distribution:
Pumps - Filter - Heat Exchangers - Pipe - sprinklers - product baskets - sterilization pot section.
Back pressure during the entire cycle is injected through two or automatic valves controlled release of compressed air.
Stop the pump, to the sound and light signal indicates the end of sterilization, allow to open the door, unload the basket, ready for the next cycle of sterilization.



The main stage
Heating Stage:
Steam enters through the heat exchanger or directly into the pot heated process water to the set temperature.
Hold phase:
Temperature and pressure in accordance with the set value remains stable.
Cooling Stage:
Injection of cooling water in a heat exchanger to a predetermined cooling curve by a control valve, the cooling water does not contact with the product, the cooling water can be reused.
Each sterilization cycle can be set to several such stages.

food safety
Perfect heat distribution, so that the pot regardless of the location of the product and what type of packaging to achieve the best sterilization
Indirect cooling, cooling water is not in contact with the process water, to avoid secondary pollution, no water treatment chemical.
Low noise, create a quiet, comfortable working environment.
Perfect pressure control, the entire production process pressure is constantly adjusted to accommodate changes in the internal pressure of the product packaging, product packaging so that the degree of deformation of the lowest, especially for gas-packaged products.
Process water preheating system ensures that hot-fill products have been ongoing heating process.
Very low maintenance costs, and tube heat exchanger requires little maintenance, all parts except the pump are static.
Energy saving
Reduce steam consumption, steam, atomized water in the retort sterilization hot mix directly improve the speed of warming.
A small amount of process water fast cycling, rapid temperature reaches a predetermined sterilization.

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